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Ayat of the Day: And have the disbelievers not seen that the whole heavenly universe and the earth were (all) joined together as one unit and then We split them apart? And We originated (the life of) living organism (on earth) from water. So do they not accept faith (even after learning these facts brought forth by the Qur’an)? (al-Ambiyā’, 21:30)
irfan-ul-quran irfan-ul-quran
Irfan-ul-Quran: - al-Wāqi‘ah (the Inevitable event

Sura al-Wāqi‘ah

(the Inevitable event)
Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 56 by Reveal : 46 Ruku` : 3 Ayats : 96 Part No. : 27
In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful
1. When what is to occur (the Hour of Resurrection) will occur,
2. There is no falsehood in its occurrence.
3. (That Hour) will lower (some) and raise (some others) high.
4. When the earth will tremor and then shake violently,
5. And the mountains will be crumbled into bits,
6. Then will become dust particles spread in the air,
7. And you will be divided into three classes.
8. So (first) those on the Right Hand; what a class the Right Hand will be!
9. And (second) those on the Left Hand; (in what miserable plight will be) the Left Hand party!
10. And (third) the Excellent; (they) are the Foremost.
11. It is they who will be the ones drawn near (to Allah).
12. (They will live) in the Gardens of Bliss.
13. A large group (of those drawn near) will be from the earlier people.
14. And a small number (amongst them) will be from the later generations.
15. (Those drawn near) will be on the thrones ornamented with gold,
16. Reclining there on cushions, face to face.
17. The serving youths, rapt always in the same state of being, will go round them.
18. (They will be attending) carrying bowls, ewers and cups filled with (transparent) drink of (nearness) from the free-flowing springs.
19. By (drinking) this, they will have neither headache nor derangement of senses (and stupefaction).
20. And (the servants of Paradise) will be (roaming about) with fruits which (the ones drawn near) will like,
21. And (there will be) bird-meat as well which they (the ones drawn near) will desire.
22. And also (in their companionship will be) maidens with wide lovely eyes,
23. Like pearls kept hidden, well-guarded.
24. (That) will be the reward of the (pious) works which they used to do.
25. There they will hear nothing absurd nor any word of sin,
26. But (these people of peace will hear) only one thing (from all sides:) ‘Peace, Peace.’
27. And those of the Right Hand; what a class the Right Hand are!
28. Amid thornless lote-trees,
29. And layers of banana fruit,
30. And long-stretching, (wide-spreading) shades,
31. And flowing, gushing waters,
32. And (they will be rejoicing) in abundance of fruits.
33. They will be neither exhausted nor restricted (to eat).
34. And (they) will be (staying) on raised (splendid) floors.
35. Surely, We have created these (maidens) as a special creation (reflecting beauty and refinement).
36. Then We have made them virgins,
37. The ardently loving (wives) of the same age.
38. These (maidens and other bounties) are for those on the Right Hand.
39. A large group of them will be from the earlier people.
40. And from later generations will (also) be a large group (amongst them).
41. And those of the Left Hand; what (an evil people) on the Left Hand are!
42. They will be amid fierce, hot wind of Hell and simmering water,
43. And under the shadow of black smoke.
44. That will neither (ever) cool nor be pleasing.
45. No doubt, these (inmates of Hell) lived luxuriously before this (in the world),
46. And obstinately persisted in great sin (of denying Allah and setting up partners with Him).
47. And they used to say: ‘When we are dead and become (a heap of) dust and (decomposed bones), shall we then be raised up (alive again)?
48. And shall our ancestors too (be given life)?’
49. Say: ‘Indeed, the earlier and the later,
50. (All of them) will be gathered together on a fixed Hour of an appointed Day.
51. Then surely, O strayed people, deniers,
52. You will certainly eat of thorny (cactus) tree,
53. And will fill your stomachs with it.
54. And (you) will drink boiling water over it,
55. Drinking as a thirst-stricken camel drinks.’
56. This will be their feast on the Day of Resurrection.
57. It is We Who created you. Then why do you not confirm (resurrection)?
58. Well, give your view: the semen (sperm drop) that you ejaculate (into the womb)—
59. Is it you who create (a human being) from it, or are We the Creator?
60. It is We Who have decreed death amongst you, and We are not helpless either (to bring you back to life after this).
61. Nor are We (powerless) to change others into the like of you in your place and make you grow into a form which you do not know.
62. And surely, you have learnt (the reality of) the first creation. Then why do you not accept advice?
63. Well, give your view: (the seed) that you cultivate—
64. Is it you who make (the crop) grow from it, or are We its Grower?
65. If We so intend, We would crumble it to pieces. Then you would only be struck with awe and shame!
66. (And you may say:) ‘We are punished with ransom;
67. Rather we are seized by misfortune.’
68. Well, give your view: the water that you drink—
69. Have you sent it down from the cloud, or are We its Sender?
70. If We will, We can make it bitter. Then why do you not give thanks?
71. Well, give your view: the fire that you kindle—
72. Have you grown its tree, or are We its Grower?
73. It is We Who have made it (the fire of tree) a reminder (of the Fire of Hell, an admonition and a warning) and a source of profit and comfort for the travellers in forests.
74. So always glorify the Name of your Lord, Most Magnificent.
75. So I swear by the places where different portions of the Qur’an descend (on the Arab Messenger).*
* This translation is based on the exposition given by the venerable ‘Abd Allah b. ‘Abbas. Moreover ‘Ikrima, Mujahid, ‘Abd Allah b. Jubayr, al-Suddi, al-Farra’, al-Zujaj and other Imams of tafsir also agree to it. The context of the subject also denotes the same meaning. In the preceding Sura al-Najm, the Holy Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) is called Najm and here in this Verse the Suras of the Holy Qur’an are called Nujum. See: Tafsir al-Baghawi, al-Khazin, al-Tabari, al-Durr al-Manthur, Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim, Ruh al-Ma‘ani, Ibn Kathir, al-Lubab, al-Bahr al-Muhit, al-Jumal, Zad al-Masir, Fath al-Qadir, al-Mazhari, al-Baydawi, Tafsir Abi Sa‘ud and Majma‘ al-Bayan.
76. And this is a mighty oath if you realize.
77. Surely, this is a Glorious Qur’an (which is being sent down on the most Glorious Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]).
78. It has been (inscribed) in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Preserved Tablet) before this.
79. No one can touch it except the purified (and cleansed) ones.
80. It has been sent down by the Lord of all the worlds.
81. So is it this Revelation that you disdain?
82. And you have made your means of subsistence (and fortune) to reject it!
83. Then why do you not (make the soul return) when it reaches the throat (to pass away)?
84. And at that moment, you do nothing but helplessly look on!
85. And We are nearer to him (the dying one) than you but you do not see (Us).
86. Then if you are under no one’s command and control, why do you not (do this),
87. That you turn that soul back if you are truthful?
88. Then if he (who died) was of those drawn near,
89. For him is Paradise packed with bounties, pleasure and delight and spiritual sustenance and comforts.
90. And if he was of those on the Right Hand,
91. Then (it will be said to him:) ‘Peace for you from those on the Right Hand! (Or, O Prophet, peace on you from those on the Right Hand!)’
92. But if he (who died) was of the strayed beliers,
93. Then he will be entertained with scalding, boiling water.
94. And his (end) is the admission to Hell.
95. Assuredly, this is the absolute truth of certitude.
96. So always glorify the Name of your Lord, Most Magnificent.
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