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Ayat of the Day: And have the disbelievers not seen that the whole heavenly universe and the earth were (all) joined together as one unit and then We split them apart? And We originated (the life of) living organism (on earth) from water. So do they not accept faith (even after learning these facts brought forth by the Qur’an)? (al-Ambiyā’, 21:30)
irfan-ul-quran irfan-ul-quran
Irfan-ul-Quran: - al-Mursalāt (the Emissaries

Sura al-Mursalāt

(the Emissaries)
Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 77 by Reveal : 33 Ruku` : 2 Ayats : 50 Part No. : 29
In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful
1. By the soft blowing, pleasant breezes which blow in succession,
2. Then by the violent winds which blow with fierce gusts,
3. And by those which spread the clouds all around,
4. Then by those which split (them) apart and break them off,
5. Then by those which bring direction and guidance,
6. To accomplish the argument or to warn,
7. Surely, the promise (of the Last Day) which is being given to you will be certainly fulfilled.
8. Then when the light of the stars will be extinguished,
9. And when the heavenly universe will be split open,
10. And when the mountains will be (broken down to dust) and blown off,
11. And when the Messengers will be brought together at the appointed time (to bear witness to their respective communities),
12. Well, for what Day is the term (of all the affairs) appointed?
13. For the Day of Judgment!
14. And who has told you what the Day of Judgment is?
15. Woe (and devastation) to the deniers on that Day!
16. Did We not destroy the people (who denied) before?
17. Then We also cause the later ones to follow them (in destruction).
18. This is how We sort out (the matter) with the evildoers.
19. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
20. Did We not create you from (a drop) of detestable fluid?
21. Then We placed it in a secure place (i.e., the mother’s womb),
22. Till an appointed period (of time).
23. Then We determined time periods (for all the stages of growth from conception to birth). And how excellent do We determine!
24. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
25. Have We not made the earth an assembling expanse,
26. (That draws together) the living (as well as) the dead?
27. And We placed on it soaring high and firm mountains, and gave you sweet water to drink (from springs of sweet, fresh water).
28. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
29. (Now) move on to that (torment) which you used to deny.
30. Proceed towards that shadow (of the smoke of Hell) that forks into three columns,
31. A shadow which is neither cool nor protecting against the heat of Fire.
32. Indeed, that (Hell) throws up sparks and flames (huge) as a lofty palace.
33. (It also appears) as if those (sparks) are yellow camels.
34. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
35. This is a Day (on which) they will not be able to speak too.
36. Nor will they be allowed to offer any excuses.
37. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
38. This is the Day of Judgment (on which) We shall gather you and (all) the earlier communities.
39. Then if you have any scheme (and trick to escape from the torment), try (that) against Me.
40. Woe (i.e., dejection) to the deniers on that Day!
41. Surely, the Godfearing will be (rejoicing) under cool shades and amid springs.
42. And whatever fruits they will long for (will be available for them).
43. (It will be said to them:) ‘Enjoy eating and drinking to your taste as a reward for what you used to do.’
44. Indeed, the same way do We reward the pious.
45. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
46. (O deniers of the truth!) Eat and enjoy yourselves for a short while. No doubt, you are the evildoers.
47. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
48. And when it is said to them: ‘Bow down (before Allah),’ they do not bow.
49. Woe to the deniers on that Day!
50. Then in what revelation after this (Qur’an) will they believe?
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