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Ayat of the Day: And have the disbelievers not seen that the whole heavenly universe and the earth were (all) joined together as one unit and then We split them apart? And We originated (the life of) living organism (on earth) from water. So do they not accept faith (even after learning these facts brought forth by the Qur’an)? (al-Ambiyā’, 21:30)
irfan-ul-quran irfan-ul-quran
Irfan-ul-Quran: - an-Nāzi‘āt (Those who pull

Sura an-Nāzi‘āt

(Those who pull)
Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 79 by Reveal : 81 Ruku` : 2 Ayats : 46 Part No. : 30
In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful
1. By (the angels) who violently snatch out (the souls of the disbelievers from each tendon and ligament of their body), Or By the waves of energy that pierce into matter and break up the chemical bonds fiercely,
2. And by (the angels) who unweave sinews (of the believers’ organisms) gently and peacefully, Or By the waves of energy that disintegrate gently and peacefully the chemical bonds within matter,
3. And by (the angels) who swiftly glide (between the heavens and the earth), Or By the waves of energy that move around freely in space and atmosphere,
4. Then by (the angels) who with burst of speed sprint past others, Or By the waves of energy that surpass other waves in speed, force and assimilation,
5. Then by (the angels) who manage different affairs well, Or By the waves of energy that, through mutual dynamism and coordination, maintain equilibrium and keep the balance of the management going for the survival of the system of the universe,
6. (When they will be commanded to devastate the system of the universe) that Day, everything in motion (in the universe) will tremor into violent convulsion,
7. Chased by a succeeding convulsion.
8. That Day, hearts (of the people) will pound with agony and terror.
9. Their eyes will be downcast (with dread and horror).
10. The disbelievers say: ‘Shall we be reverted to the former life?
11. (Shall we be given life even) when we shall have become rotten (hollow) bones?’
12. They say: ‘This (return) would then be a losing return.’
13. Then it will be rending (of all heavenly bodies) asunder with single extremely horrible explosion.
14. Then they (all) will forgather suddenly in the open expanse (for assembly).
15. Has the account of Musa (Moses) reached you?
16. When His Lord called out to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa,
17. (And commanded:) ‘Go to Pharaoh. He has transgressed all bounds.’
18. Then say (to him): ‘Do you wish that you should be purified?
19. And (do you desire that) I guide you to your Lord so that you may fear (Him)?’
20. Then Musa (Moses) showed him the great sign.
21. But he denied it and disobeyed.
22. Then, turning away (from the truth), he launched struggle (in rivalry against Musa [Moses]).
23. So he gathered (people) and started calling out,
24. And said: ‘I am your lord, most high.’
25. Then Allah seized him in (dual) punishment of this world and the Hereafter.
26. Surely, in this (incident) there is a great lesson of warning for him who fears (Allah).
27. Is it you who are harder to create, or (the entire) galactic universe that He has built?
28. He raised high all the heavenly spheres (planets, after creating them in the infinite cosmos), then moderated, equipoised and stabilized (their composition, construction, functions and movements).
29. And He is the One Who blackened the night of heavenly space (i.e., darkened the entire spatial environment like a murky night) and emitted (after creating) the light of these (planets from this space).
30. And He is the One Who, later, (after the creation of the planet sun) separated (from it) the earth, flung it with centrifugal force (and spread its expanse to make it inhabitable).
31. He is the One Who drew water from the earth (separately), and brought forth its vegetable kingdom (from the rest of the dry regions).
32. And He is the One Who (putting together different elements) raised from the earth firmly fixed mountains.
33. (He did all this) for the benefit of you and your livestock.
34. Then, whilst (the universe) attains (to its acme through evolution), there will befall the great all-encompassing calamity (the Hour of Resurrection).
35. That Day man will retrospect his (every) effort and action.
36. And Hell will be made manifest to everyone who can see.
37. Then he who transgressed the limits,
38. And preferred the life of the world (to the Hereafter),
39. Hell will truly be (his) abode.
40. But as for him who feared standing in the presence of his Lord and forbade (his ill-commanding) self its appetites and lusts,
41. Paradise will surely be (his) abode.
42. (The disbelievers) ask you about the Hour of Rising: ‘When will it come to pass?’
43. What should be your concern in talking about (its appointed time)?
44. Its ultimate limit is up to your Lord (i.e., as in the beginning, only Oneness will survive in the end as well).
45. You are but a Warner to him who fears it.
46. So the Day when they will see it, they (will feel as if they) did not tarry (in the world) but for one evening or one morning.
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