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Ayat of the Day: Allah is He Who is the Creator, the One Who brings into existence from nothingness (i.e. the Inventor), the Bestower of Form; (in short,) all Beautiful Names belong to Him alone. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, the Lord of Honour, the Most Wise. (al-Hashr, 59:24)
irfan-ul-quran irfan-ul-quran
Irfan-ul-Quran: - al-Mutaffifīn (Dealing in fraud

Sura al-Mutaffifīn

(Dealing in fraud)
Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 83 by Reveal : 86 Ruku` : 1 Ayats : 36 Part No. : 30
In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful
1. Woe to those who give less in measure or weight!
2. When (they) take by measure from others, they take (from them) full.
3. And when they (themselves) give by measure or weigh to others, they give them less.
4. Do they not believe that they will be raised up (again after death),
5. For a Terrible Day,
6. The Day when all mankind will stand before the Lord of all the worlds?
7. It is true that the record of the evildoers is kept in Sijjin (the ante-chamber of Hell).
8. And what do you know what Sijjin is?
9. It is an inscribed book (set down in the large ante-chamber of the prison of Hell, with the names and evil deeds of every inmate of Hell registered in it).
10. Woe to the deniers on that Day,
11. Those who deny the Day of Recompense!
12. And no one else denies it except every defiant and sinner.
13. When Our Revelations are read out to him, he says (or thinks) that (they are) tales of the ancients.
14. That is not at all (the case); rather (the fact is that the evil deeds) which they earned have rusted their hearts. (The Revelations, therefore, do not move their hearts.)
15. The truth is that they will be screened off (to deprive them of) the sight of their Lord.
16. Then they will be cast into Hell.
17. Then it will be said to them: ‘This is (the punishment of Hell) which you used to belie.’
18. This is (also) true that the record of the truly pious is for sure maintained in ‘Illiyyin (the ante-chamber of Paradise).
19. And what do you know what ‘Illiyyin is?
20. It is an inscribed book (set down in the large ante-chamber of a lofty mansion of Paradise with the names and pious deeds of those who will be allocated superior stations in Paradise).
21. The angels closest (to Allah) remain present here.
22. Indeed, the truly pious, (joyful and glad,) will be in blissful Paradise,
23. Reclining on couches, enjoying the wonderful sights.
24. You will find on their faces the glow and freshness of bliss and delight.
25. They shall be served with securely sealed delicious and holy beverage.
26. Its seal will be musk. And (it is this beverage which) all aspirants should hastily strive and compete to acquire. (Some seek the drink of bliss whilst others long for the drink of nearness, and still others yearn for the drink of countenance—all will be served according to their respective tastes).
27. And this (beverage of Paradise) will be mixed with the water of Tasnim.
28. (This Tasnim) is a fountain at which only those drawn close will drink.
29. Surely (in the worldly life), the evildoers used to ridicule the believers,
30. And winked at one another when they passed by them.
31. And when they went back to their families, they used to exult over the believers (by comparing the believers’ destitution and their own affluence) and returned speaking of them with jests.
32. And when they (the arrogant people) saw these (the indigent believers), they used to say: ‘They have gone astray,’ (i.e., they have lost the world whilst the Hereafter is nothing but fiction.)
33. Yet they had not been sent to watch over their (state of affairs).
34. So (see) Today the believers are laughing at the disbelievers.
35. Reclining on ornamented couches, they are viewing the sight (comparing their own prosperity and the disbelievers’ impoverishment).
36. So, have the disbelievers been rewarded in full for (the mockery), which they used to inflict upon (the believers)?
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